Andromeda Dolls
Andromeda Sensation(TM) Rommie(R) doll Action Adventure(TM) Dylan(R) doll Super Surfer(TM) Harper(R) doll

Rommie Beanie Baby

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image contributed by S.C.

Guest Stars?

Where did this guy come from?

"He says his name is Jean Luc and he's
from an old cancelled sci-fi action series.
They think he'll make a great replacement for Tyr."

One fall with a 20 minute time limit!

"I told you to hire someone to take
on the Andromeda WWW duties,
NOT take on the WWF, you idiot!

Those crazy Commonwealth kids

The Andromeda Kids

Just For Magogs!

Beka's Valentine

Thats All Folks !

Andromeda parodies are based on the characters and situations
of the hit television series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda ,
a Copyright of Tribune Entertainment Company.